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We create, develop
and improve software

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Postgre SQL

A multinational and
multiskilled software house

Perfect communication, dynamic work and a proactive attitude are what we value the most in 300Brains.

We are the opposite of sluggish, centralized IT companies which speak babble to you in the language of robots.
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Our IT Rapid Reaction Forces give you:

Instant feedback and quick
quotation of a project
instead of
“We need more details, please send us the complete documentation of the project”
Short decision-making path
and efficient communication
instead of
„I need to talk to my manager to
give you some feedback.
A wide range
of technologies used
See the scope
instead of
„Let me check if we have sufficient human resources to perform that.”
Agile software
See how we work
instead of
“Waterfall methodology based on the linear progression of the project”
Experience in multinational IT
projects for renowned companies
See references
instead of
„Yeah, we used to be a subcontractor in a project for a foreign client.”

We are always nearby

Our offices are placed in:

Here's what we're good at:

Fin-tech & banking solutions
Our experience includes advanced and demanding projects for many international financial institutions (banking & financial services, insurance, asset management and  accountancy).
MVP fast development
Do you have an idea and want to quickly implement its basic version or make a Proof of Concept?
App development
Mobile first solutions: design, development and maintenance
Full stack sprint teams
Rapid design, build and testing of products and features, obesrvability
Testing & cybersecurity
Quality assurance with extensive tests & modifications
Team Augmentation
Reinforce your tech team with dedicated external developers
Rewriting in newtech and maintenance of the old systems

We create, develop
and improve software

Do you already have some ideas?
We can help you with turning that into a project.

You develop software but you lack resources?
We provide professionals.

Do you have a project to complete?
We can take it from here. We don’t complain about the predecessors or convince you to do everything from scratch again.

We perform projects:
From scratch, End-to-end, From the very beginning to the end

Are you fed up with programmers
who each and every „good morning"
or „goodbye" secure with a 128-bit password?

Easy. Our team consists of communicative
and experienced experts.
No freshmen!
Middle or senior developers only.
English proficiency
each member of our team can easily communicate with you in English
Proactive and creative
our programmers are not a group of passive performers – if they have ideas on how to improve your project, they will surely share them with you.
Experience Across Various Industries
Our team is comprised of experts who have been involved in numerous projects across a wide range of industries, including banking, fintech, insurtech, asset management, sales finance platforms, and financial advisory.

Our competence map

As a part of our software house, we have identified competence centres dedicated to specific industries and projects. Below you can find the technologies that are most often used in the following areas.
Competences' Centers
scroll the table
Ab Initio
& DB's
Node JS
Postgre SQL
BI & Consulting
& Agile
& Agile
Ab Initio

They trusted us:

Founders & members of 300Brains team have exponential experience in banking industry | insurance | leasing | asset management | pensions | fintech | fleet | factoring | online lending | brokerage | private equity | financial advisory and more.HORUM highly appreciates all the support received from 300Brains and their banking experience, thus, we cooperate not only at the pure IT development part but as well at the consultancy level.We see 300Brains as a highly reliable business partner and we strongly recommend cooperating with that company.
Aleksandra Popiereczna,
CBO, Project Horum Bank
Hyper Poland highly appreciates all the support received from 300Brains.The company became very helpful in a decisive moment of our development, when their assistance proved to be of particular value for us.We operate in a fast-changing environment of innovation, and 300Brains was ready for action straight after we had discussed our needs.We see 300Brains as a highly reliable business partner and we strongly recommend cooperating with this company.
Przemysław Pączek,
CEO at Hyper Poland (Nevomo)
We were impressed with the level of customer service that we received from 300Brains; when there was a problem, it was dealt swiftly, and the company provided us many times with useful recommendations that helped our project to come back on good tracks.As we have experience working with two different software houses we can express our delight of professionalism and business focus of 300 Brains' whole team.
Renata PtakCEO,
DOC4U Sp. z o.o.
With the help of 300Brains we built a dedicated and strong UI development team formed by developers from 300Brains based in Poland and developers from our side. The team remained in the same composition for over a year and for the duration of the project. The team successfully delivered an initial version and subsequent extensions of a new client-facing UI.We can highly recommend services of 300Brains.Nathaniel Zollinger
Crypto Finance AG
300Brains have shown a deep understanding of working with medtech, not only do they have a technical knowledge but they also have a very energetic and amazing team of people behind all these great skills.If you choose 300Brains as a partner, you are sure to get a very skilled team to do the job for you and we are very satisfied with the quality of our app that they developed for us. Plus, we got excellent value and results for our budget.
Joachim Deuser,
CEO, Smartpraxx GmbH
If you are looking for a professional outsourcing partner with business mindset, understanding of global scale and all processes behind them, we recommend you start working with 300Brains as we are planning to continue our cooperation.
Kobi Freedman,
CEO, Findings
Communication with 300Brains has always been clear and concise. They have been working in a very professional and agile way.The project as initially set out, was delivered before the set up deadline, and we agreed to use the remaining hours for further development of one of our core products, which even further enhanced our go-to-market.300Brains delivers software development with a business mindset, and did not only execute, but also thought along with the issues and problems we were facing. They showed to be very flexible in terms of adaptation and changes throughout the project phase.In general, we are very satisfied with the service we have received from 300Brains and we strongly recommend to anyone to start cooperating with them.
Remi Wildschut,
CFO & Co-Founder, WeGroup
I would like to acknowledge the excellent collaboration and cooperation with our IT team particularly on the recently completed rewrite of our eDealing application front-end. Despite several challenges and a very aggressive project schedule, the team worked well together and took extraordinary steps to complete the project on-time. The project team also provided superb hyper-support during the go-live period to minimize as much as possible the impact to our user community for eDealing during the upgrade.We value 300 Brains as a reliable technology and business partner.
Brian Reeves,
Head of Application Delivery & Data ManagementTechnology & Business Solutions DepartmentLombard International Assurance S.A.
We’ve been working with 300Brains on creating a version of our investment app and they have shown understanding of working with fintech startups, not only do they have the technical knowledge but they also have a very energetic and amazing team.If you choose 300Brains as a partner, you are sure to get a very skilled team to do the job for you. We highly recommend the service of 300Brains, especially if you are looking for a partner who understands the business you are running, the product you are developing and the processes you are going through.
Varan Pathmanathan,
CEO & Founder of MakeImpact

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