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We pride ourselves on our flexibility, working with our clients to provide a package that fits their unique business. As such, our teams are constructed specifically to meet your needs. That could mean:
Working with your
in-house team
Managing your IT team and hiring
project managers, if needed
Building your offshore
team from scratch
Because our IT professionals are trained in the 'agile' approach, we can offer to begin our collaboration with a trial period that minimizes your risk.
Here's how it works:
You give us your specific IT or personnel needs
We match your company with a tailored team of experienced IT staff that we hire and motivate
We provide the infrastructure for that team (office, hardware, software, telecom)
Work begins during an agreed trial period, concluding with tangible deliverables (based on the agile philosophy)
You decide whether to continue our cooperation
We provide dedicated IT teams for:
maintaining and servicing
existing IT solutions
support of legacy
software solutions
integration with COTS
and SaaS solutions
migration to
new solutions
cutting costs
and getting results
The agile project team that we provide is managed directly by your company for the long term, although we are also able to provide as much supervision as is necessary for your success.
Our competencies
Scrum Master
Project Manager
UI/UX Designer
Service Desk
Data Warehouse
Our technologies
Angular 2
Working with IT professionals from the European Union provides benefits not found in other
outsourcing setups. Here are some of those advantages:
High-quality and
affordable IT resources
EU standards of privacy
and confidentiality
Significant savings
on time and wages
Reliable telecom
and infrastructure
World-class English-speaking talent in the palm of your hand
300Brains is a US-based international firm working with IT professionals in Europe to help American companies save money on their IT personnel needs. We do not specialize in 'body leasing', nor are we a 'software house' – our goal is for our professionals to become an integral part of your company, providing you with significant payroll savings in the process.

We provide teams of programmers, analysts, architects and testers managed by and dedicated solely to your company. Projects are not fixed in scope – long-term cooperation provides the ability to continuously evaluate results and adapt to changing needs.

We have a dedicated leadership team with 30+ years combined IT management experience
in cooperation
is key
No hidden
Flexibility and agility to meet the client's needs
Speedy implementation to
minimize the cost of delay
There is no
The bottom line: 300Brains saves you money!
Creadoor Design with headquarters in Warsaw is pleased to announce
the cooperation with 300Brains.

Creadoor Design combines traditional production with modern technology, which is why we were looking for a partner who would meet our requirements. All solutions that facilitate the creation and production process are aextremely important to our team.
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ECOFLOW Heating & Cooling Systems is happy to recommend 300Brains as a professional and reliable partner for cooperation.

The solidity of the company 300Brains is supported by a huge amount of knowledge and skills. 300Brains offers a comprehensive approach to IT solutions, taking into account the client's suggestions.

We wanted that the proposed solution not to be a out of the box but "made to measure"
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International Plastik Polska sp. z o.o. which is part of International Plastik France, gladly recommends and confirms that 300Brains has introduced software that allows monitoring and registration of machine work based on simple signals from machines connected to the network.

Thanks to the creative approach and expertise, together with 300Brains, we have developed optimal solutions to improve production.
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Wood Lark Sp. Z o.o. Sp. k. with headquarters in Warsaw with extensive experience in the real estate market, declares that it has taken productive cooperation with 300Brains.

The 300Brains team focuses on innovation, modernity, and at the same time on the functionality and reliability of the proposed software solutions.

The software implementation process was distinguished by professionalism, very good preparation and commitment of 300Brains employees.
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The EDU CENTURY Sp. Z o.o. with headquarters in Warsaw managing the network of language schools English Best Way confirms the high quality of services provided by the company 300Brains.

The proposed solutions and tools in the field of IT definitely helped to improve the operations of our company.

300Brains uses new technologies, proposing a product ideally suited to the customer's needs.
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Martial Arts Wyszomierski Team (MAWT) with full conviction recommend 300Brains for their innovative approach to the project and full professionalism. The cooperation went smoothly, professionally and most importantly - on time. All proposed solutions turned out to be a hit.

I sincerely recommend 300 Brains as a partner in IT projects.
300Brains has made several important projects for us. The 300Brains team showed a fully professional approach and reliably fulfilled all the set tasks.

300Brains is a key and reliable partner for "".

As a satisfied customer, we can recommend 300Brains to anyone looking for a reliable partner in the implementation of IT projects.
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